Frequently Asked Questions

After the zombie apocalypse, we imagine that zombies and non-zombies alike will have a lot of questions…

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions, in order of frequency – please feel free to let us know if we should add anything!

When do the Zombies walk?”

Whenever they’re hungry!  As far as an organized/routed walk, due to the huge volume of undead attendants that now come to this event, it has become virtually impossible to stage an organized “walk” without incurring mass street closures (as much as we’d love to!).  As such, the event has blown up into a full-on flesh-eaters’ festival - we are closing off a large section of downtown Long Beach – Pine Avenue and The Promenade between Broadway and 3rd – and activating them with music, cinema, food trucks, and activities for the undead to walk/run/shuffle throughout, at their own pace (as zombies would!).

Is the movie screening included in the price of the ticket, or is it a separate event? 

The movie screening IS included in the ticket price! This year, the Long Beach Zombie Walk Festival continues its tradition of screening a classic zombie film as part of the festivities with its very first double-feature!As our bands continue to rock The Promenade and Pine Avenue, film-loving zombies can settle in on Promenade Square Park for two of the first and greatest zombie films of all time, directed by the legendary George A. Romero…. Night of the Living Dead AND Dawn of the Dead.   For more information about screening times and the movies click here.

Where is the Long Beach Zombie Walk Music & Arts Festival going to be this year?
Remember that time in 2011 when over 12,000 gleeful ghouls stormed Long Beach’s recently renovated Promenade?  And the crowd got so big that it spilled out over Pine Avenue for an all-out downtown invasion?  By popular and overwhelming demand, this year we return to Downtown Long Beach, but with a twist – we’re taking over both The Promenade AND Pine Avenue, putting stages on both, putting our outdoor screen on the South Promenade, and working with participating Dowtown businesses and organizations to make this our biggest event yet – right in the heart of Downtown Long Beach!

I bought a Long Beach Zombie Walk Festival/Long Beach Comic & Horror Con combo. When do I get my Long Beach Comic & Horror Con ticket?
Both Long Beach Comic & Horror Con and Zombie Walk Festival use EventBrite as their ticketing service.  This has allowed us to package a combo that saves those who wish to enjoy both some bucks!  If you purchased a combo, use the ticket that is e-mailed to you to attend the Long Beach Zombie Walk Festival on October 26 – then after the event, EventBrite will be sending a new, updated ticket, with its own bar code, to all Combo Ticket orderers free of charge that will grant you access to Long Beach Comic & Horror Con on November 23 & 24!

I want to get my makeup done at the event.  Where can I do that, and how much does it cost?
There will be several make-up artists stationed throughout the event!   Each artist charges his/her own fees, mostly based on the severity of your zombification.  Basic zombie makeup generally runs around $20, and depending on the complexity desired, could range higher.   PLEASE NOTE – If your makeup is so insanely awesome that security has absolutely no way of identifying you against your ID, you will not be permitted to buy alcohol!!

Speaking of alcohol  - if I want to buy  a drink, will I be relegated to a drinking area, or can I enjoy my beer while I check out the bands, on the grass for the movie, and throughout the event layout?

We are very glad to confirm that once again you will be welcome to enjoy your drink throughout the event grounds!

Can I get to the event using Public Transportation?
The City of Long Beach has a most awesome public transportation system, and there are a few stops conveniently located near the event site!  Click here to visit Long Beach Transit and map your route – aim for Ocean & Pine Ave!   Beat the traffic and save on parking – ride with Long Beach Transit!  Look around you – more than likely, you may run into a fellow ghoul on the bus…

But the event IS all-ages, right?
Yep!  Our event continues to be very kid-friendly – plus zombies LOVE children…  That’s why children 12 and under will be admitted for free!

Where do the profits of this event go?
Since year one, the Long Beach Zombie Walk has been an independent event produced by the Long Beach Cinematheque, a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization dedicated to enriching, connecting, and educating audiences through the art of cinema.  Proceeds will support the Cinematheque’s continued projects, including free outdoor movies, film fests, and much more!  Learn more about the Long Beach Cinematheque at

I’m glad kids get in free, and I’d like to bring my children, but will they be scared of all the zombies?
Here’s what we’ve found over the years – it really, really depends on the child.   You know your kid better than anyone – some children really dig the event, and some have a hard time with all the makeup and music.  What we DO recommend is that you consider making up your child like a zombie – we’ve noticed that children seem to embrace the event much more, and participate more actively, if they’re also in makeup – almost as if everyone around them is playing the same game they are.  Again, though, YOU know your child best….if your little one is anxious and scared of monsters, please consider getting a sitter.

How about my dog?
Zombies LOVE animals!   That being said, we do not recommend bringing dogs out for their stroll as the evening progresses, because there will be A LOT of foot traffic and walking-dead congestion. We are fairly sure that it’ll be over-stimulating for dogs, and smaller dogs run the risk of getting stepped on.  Plus leashes run the risk of tripping others in areas of higher congestion.  So whereas we’d love to have dogs attend, we really do advise you leave them safely at home.  That being said, we won’t turn them away if we see them!

Will there be tickets sold at the door?
Yep!  We anticipate long lines though, so do yourself a favor and consider buying early online!

I would like to attend, but I want to attend dressed as Punky Brewster.  Can I attend dressed as Punky Brewster?  Or do I have to be a zombie?
We’d LOVE to see your Punky Brewster costume!  Punky’s are welcome, ghosts are welcome, witches are welcome, Ghostbusters, droogies, spies, mad scientists – all are welcome!  At its heart, this is a Halloween celebration – we’d love to see any and all of your costumes.  But keep in mind – you will be surrounded by zombies, and definitely encourage a zombie costume.  (Zombie Punky Brewster, anyone?)

Does that mean I HAVE to wear a costume?
Nope!  We get several non-zombies every year, and all are welcome!    Besides – zombies need food, too…  

Can I bring outside food or drinks?
There will be bag checks for larger bags at the entrance, and discovered food and drink items will not be permitted.

Can I bring a chair?
We cannot allow guests to bring chairs into the event, however we welcome you to pack a blanket or large towel in your bag should you want to lay it out for the movie or to check out the bands!

Can I bring a camera?
You may bring personal/cell phone cameras and take as many pictures as you’d like!  However, professional-quality cameras are not allowed without the express consent of the Event Organizers, provided upon approval of a Press Application.  If you’d like to cover the event at a professional level, click here to obtain and complete a Press Application!

Do zombies dream?
All the time…