Remember that time in 2011 when over 10,000 gleeful ghouls stormed Long Beach’s recently renovated Promenade?  And the outbreak grew so big that it spilled out over Pine Avenue for an all-out downtown invasion?  By popular and overwhelming demand, this year we return to Downtown Long Beach, and we’ve lined up our biggest fest-of-the-undead yet – we’re taking over both The Promenade AND Pine Avenue, putting stages on both, putting a wrestling ring on The Promenade, blowing up our outdoor screen on the South Promenade, and working with participating Downtown businesses and organizations to make this our biggest and wildest event yet!

Zombie Walk Map



There are several parking lots throughout Downtown Long Beach, including major lots on the corners of Pine and 3rd, Pine and 4th, Pine and 5th, and Pine and 6th.  Whether you park at a lot or on the street, READ POSTED SIGNS to ensure you’re okay to park where you’re at, paid necessary parking fees, etc!


The City of Long Beach hosts a most awesome public transportation system, and it does not discriminate against the undead.   There are a few stops conveniently located near the event site.  Click here to visit Long Beach Transit and map your route – aim for 1st & Pine Ave!   Beat the traffic and save on parking – ride with Long Beach Transit!  Look around you – more than likely, you may run into a fellow ghoul on the bus.  Parking is 

Map your route using Google Maps:

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